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iPhone 6: The Good & The Ugly

It has been almost more than a week since I started using the iPhone 6. Techwitty thanks it’s investors and amazing staff for an excellent year of investment and development I started using it from the day it came out; 19 September. So I waited more than a week to write this because I wanted to truly experience the iPhone 6 before just writing anything that came into my mind. Well without further adieu this is my review of the iPhone 6.

You might have already read a lot of reviews regarding the iPhone 6 so I don’t want to bore you with the specs and other details which you already know. So instead I’m taking a different approach. I’m going to be dividing this review into two sections. To make it more easier to read and to keep it simple and short.

The two sections are: the good and the ugly; you can guess what each of these sections means.

But if you like the old-fashioned review, the one using specs, numbers and other details, then you can head over to my other, more “official” review of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6: The Good
Let me start of with “The Good”.

The iPhone 6 is without a doubt an Apple product, if you want to experience Apple then this is the device you should buy. iPhone 6 is Apple’s flagship model when it comes to smartphones.

iPhone 6 feels amazing in your hand when you hold it, it gives you a firm and a premium look, and there is absolutely no doubt about that.

If you compare it to the iPhone 5s; it is a huge difference. iPhone 5s feels slightly bulkier, while the iPhone 6 feels more comfortable; it’s really hard to imagine considering the iPhone 6 is much larger than the iPhone 5s. Maybe the reason for this is that the iPhone 6 is slimmer compared to its predecessor.

Picture taken with iPhone 6 at night outside Apple HQ.

The other advantages of the large screen size; 4.7?, is that, almost everything is more clear on the iPhone 6; be it reading or watching a video, you get a more immersive feeling compared to the previous ones.

No doubt about Android counterparts complaining about the small screen size of previous iPhone models.

Picture taken with iPhone 6

The other thing that I really like, and most probably, the best feature of the iPhone 6 is the camera. Apple has definitely upped the ante here.

The megapixel count is the same but the quality of pictures is definitely higher; the colours are more prominent, it has a higher contrast ratio and the image stabilization does play a great part. Thanks to the new sensor in the camera, the overall quality of pictures has gone up.

Picture taken using iPhone 6

Picture taken with iPhone 6

The picture above of long boards shows how the camera optimizes to take pictures against the sun; although not directly. But it does a great job nonetheless.

Next on the list is the battery life. Yes folks, it is in the “good section”, Apple products are known of their bad battery life but after using for quite a time I find that the battery life has improved. You might have heard the complete opposite but the unit that I’m using has a good battery life with moderate usage. When I say moderate usage I mean normal internet browsing, some video recording and continuous whatsapp messaging. That’s what most of you will be using this for.

The iPhone 6: Ugly
Now let’s talk about the ugly section of the iPhone 6. Before starting on this one I should warn you that I’m slightly biased towards Apple or in more simple words, I don’t really find anything that bad in the iPhone 6. So this section is going to be quite short.

I will start with the Touch ID. Apple has fallen slightly short on its mantra of “it just works” for the Touch ID. Mind you, the Touch ID does work great and sometimes flawlessly. But at some occasions, it fails me. I have to put my thumb more than once on the Touch ID and this has happened far too many times. Sometimes I just use the passcode instead of the Touch ID.

Next on the list is the protruding camera lens. It has been discussed in the past so I will not talk about it too much. The camera lens slightly protrudes, giving it some-what a bad look, although it doesn’t really affect that much and doesn’t bother me.

But you slightly worry when you place your camera downwards, maybe you have damaged your camera or maybe not.

I’m trying to think more bad things about the iPhone 6 but they hardly come into my mind.

The protruding camera lens.

While we are at it, I will talk about the bendgate issue, I have not faced any bendgate problems and neither my friends who have bought the large iPhone 6 Plus. There are some people who have faced this problem that but is a minority.

Well, the iPhone 6 is without a doubt one of the best iPhones so far. It looks great and feels great in your hands and there is hardly any major downsides to it.

If you are thinking to jump into the Apple ecosystem, then the iPhone 6 is your best bet. It offers the true Apple experience.

One thing that I have not mentioned in this review of the iPhone 6 is the Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, the only reason for this is that I have not tested it out yet, as Apple is going to roll out an update somewhere in the next month for its Apple Pay service. Once the service goes live, the iPhone 6 is going to be a true smartphone, a one-in-all device.

To conclude I will simply say, iPhone 6 is the best iPhone ever produced and one of the best, or just maybe, the best smartphone in the world right now.

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